Projects that are underway or have a high motivational factor.

LED Puck

A compact, networkable, and low-cost tri-color LED emitter.

Microscope LED Illuminator

Design mounting hardware and power supply electronics for use of a high intensity white LED as the primary light source in AO Series 10, Series 100, and Series 2560 microscopes. Benefits include consistent color temperature at all intensities and indefinite bulb life. A simple adjustable power regulator would provide intensity control.

Crazy Ideas

Projects that have a moderate to low likelyhood of implementation due to cost, difficulty, or low motivational factors.

Analysis and Visualization of Conceptual Relationships in Natural Language Documents

Develop data entry and analysis system for showing explicit and implicit relationships between concepts. Develop natural language analysis strategies for finding common concept identifiers. Implement methods of visualizing directed graphs representing the relationships between concepts, including the ability to modify the graph and adjust the visualization in real time. Use of 3-D hyperbolic trees as a visualization and navigation aid.

GM-8 Digital Setting Circles

Acquire or build optical encoder hardware for the Losmandy GM-8 telescope mount. Design and build an electronics package for position tracking and reporting to an attached computer. May also include motor control capability for hands-off positioning of the telescope. Benefits include fast acquisition of faint objects and the possibility of automated mosaic capture of large objects.

Bat Detector

Construct a ultrasonic bat detector utilizing real-time full spectrum audio shifting to audible frequencies. The design will use a DSP to perform FFT or DCT signal analysis to perform spectrum analysis and shifting to a human audible signal. Adjacent output samples would need to be phase matched to prevent discontinuities. The design is adaptable to allow a person to hear any sounds above or below the normal hearing range.

Motorized Microscope Retrofit

Design hardware and electronics to allow computer control of focusing and optionally stage position of the AO 110 and 2560 series microscopes. The addition of this capability will allow accurate, automated imaging of subjects thicker than the depth of field or larger than the imaging area. Other modifications might include motorized selection of fluorescence cubes, polarizing filters, and brightfield/darkfield selectors.

Past Projects

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