My photography

I prefer to photograph animals, plants, and anything interesting from a scientific or technological perspective.

Locations where I have taken pictures include: San Diego, Yellowstone, Death Valley, and Hawaii (especially the Big Island).

An absurdly complete collection of my pictures is here.

My equipment

I was an early adopter of digital camera technology. After my Canon AE-1 film camera, I got a Kodak DC-120. The Sony D770 was when I stopped using film. Its pictures had a smoothness and detail that met my quality requirements. The Canon D30 was the first (relatively) affordable digital SLR, and was a significant improvement over all previous digital cameras. It was the first digital camera that was broadly considered a viable replacement for film for professional work. It was my primary camera for four years, but I was recently seduced by the advances in the Canon EOS 20D, a model three generations ahead of the D30.

I do suffer from a touch of equipmentitis. It's a common affliction among photography enthusiasts. My current equipment is listed here.